National Portal of e-services

Aligned with the EU e-government action plan 2016-2020, and following the vision for transforming public administration the National portal for e-services introduces a number of key principles to deliver better services in line with the needs and demands of citizens.

  • digital-by-default
  • once-only
  • Inclusiveness-and-accessibility
  • openness-and-transparency
  • interoperability-by-default

This project frog leaps our country progress in making the 'digital-by-default' principle a reality.

With introducing the possibility for automatically issuing proofs from authenticated sources (registers) and their multiple electronic usage, our country will not only follow 'once-only’ principle but will dramatically reduce administrative burden for citizens.

The National Portal of e-services will become a single point of interaction between citizens and public authorities that will support and widely increase the efficiency of administration. National Portal of e-services, as a single point of contact solution, provides electronic services to a maximum level of sophistication – fully transactional, integrates existing e-services, and provides information for all administrative services available.

  • Fully transactional services provided through the National Portal facilitate the process of application submission, verification and approval of a citizen’s right (or obligation) given by law. The process is provided using electronic documents (eDocument) in document submission, exchange, retrieval and validation, implementing appropriate access and security controls through the SSO and User management components.
  • The process of service delivery is complemented with the highly secure proves of electronic signature and time stamping provided through authorized service provider
  • Through the highly reliable and agile process of ticket issuance through the Help Desk component the users can prosecute their request with no obstacles.
  • The National Portal solution is integrated with the National Interoperability Platform platform as single mandatory platform for securer data exchange between public institutions in the country.
  • The process of submission of the e-service application is complemented through the integration with the eDelivery platform as secure manner for sending and receiving documents in the electronic environment for the institutions with no information systems in their possessions.