National Population Register

One integrated data register for all individuals who live on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia as well as its citizens who live outside the country.

national population register

National Population Register provides system and process for aggregating data on the entire population, thus enabling the implementation and the monitoring of public policies in a domain of population management and planning. The Population Register in its final form is a national database that ties and unifies the basic data that describe population living or originating from defined territory. The use of the population register for vital statistical purposes requires linking events to the relevant population. The timeliness of the updating of the population register and the accuracy of the information recorded within are critical factors to the quality of the population register data. The continuous and intensive administrative use of registers is an important means of ensuring their quality, since the everyday use of those registers in the society can facilitate the detection of errors.

  • Single official and reliable data source for population related data
  • Ensures that citizens can exercise a wide range of rights, such as those to property, privacy, freedom of movement and free choice of place of residence, as well as access to social services like education, health care, and social security
  • Represents a basis for the establishment of a number of eServices /eGovernment
  • Establishes a framework for observing and protecting many of the human rights, part of international declarations and conventions

Population register solution main stakeholders are:

  • Institutions data providers, which will provide citizens’ data upon their jurisdiction of updating that information. These institutions can also consume data from the population register, based on their obligations in administrative procedures they provide.
  • Institutions data consumers, these institutions can consume citizens’ data with pre-defined set of information per each administrative procedure. Data consuming is regulated with access policies that govern which institution can consume which citizens’ data, and providing information of what purpose.
  • Institution owner of the population register, which can manage the register: grant an access to new institutions data consumers, determine data set for access per consumer institution, and to manage audit log on data providing and consuming.