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project components

Ensuing one integrated solution that will provide single point of contact for the citizens and institutions, up to date information on the administrative services for citizens and up to date information on the population register data for the citizens.

National Portal of e-services

Nationwide platform for public e-services

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Population Register

Nationwide population register of permanent, temporary citizen

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Legal framework

Recommendations for improvement of overall legal framework for electronic data communication

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Moving towards the modern e-government society where the information is transparent, available and accessible, the project is aiming to develop IT solutions that will bring many benefits for the country, leaving behind valuable mark for the process of modernization of the country following the latest evolvement of the EU Regulations.

Project purpose

"Outstanding consultancy services to support the efforts of Macedonia Ministry of Information Society and Administration to facilitate the process of modernization of the Public Administration, strengthening the capacities of the Ministry and implementation of PAR and e-Government Activities."

The project implementation helps citizens and institutions to access the needed data that helps their everyday engagements in more efficient and transparent manner using the IT technologies that guarantee privacy and safety of the overtaken actions, eliminating the risks of human mistake.

Citizens will be able to access their own data and peruse e-service requests in the cosiness of their own home. Institutions can use the population data that by law is a subject of their authority and use it in delivering services to citizens in more efficient manner processing the most recent and accurate data.

The concept of integrated e-government bodies is the leading principle that moves the design of the solutions for National Population Register and National Portal for e-services. Using the IT solutions in place as the National Platform for Interoperability the project is building up enchasing the latest state of the art solutions to develop integrated services for the citizens, institutions and as a future goal the business sector.

Benefits and Expectations

"The idea of National portal and Population Register as key solutions of this project is to exploit the state of the art information technologies available, to provide better services that public institutions deliver to citizens. Three main society groups will benefit from this project: government, citizens and as future opportunity the business sector."

  • With precise and correct data, government officials will develop better policies, for social and economic development of the country. The public institutions will be able to provide services in more efficient manner, with shorter time to respond and with lowest level of fault.
  • Transparency and openness of the information’s will benefit the public sector and citizens, restoring the trust to institution of the system. The availability of their own data and the possibility to act on one single point of contact will provide easy and secure communication with public institutions.
  • As a future goal, the solutions can be upgraded an easily integrate the business sector, providing benefits for the businesses through the open and secure communication with the government

eid (mkpass)

One of the key deliverables of the project implementation is the e-ID mechanism for ensuring the citizen digital identity.
Citizens must have an electronic ID, e-lD, in order to use digital public services. To acquire an e-lD, citizen must go through enrolment process by validation of personal information based on information available in National Population Register

  • eID (mkPass) creates single digital citizen identity for use of digital services in government linked with population register data
  • The electronic ID – eID proofs the citizen identity in the digital world
  • eID can be associated with future Smart Card or mobile ID solutions


Vasko Kronevski

e-government expert and team leader

Tibor Draskovics

Key expert 2 - PAR Expert

Digna Eglite

Key Expert 3 — Legal Expert