Center for Digital Transformation

About us

Center for Digital Transformation is a foundation established in Macedonia with a view to boosting the digital transformation of the Macedonian economy and businesses.

Any company that seeks to be competitive in today's global economy needs to keep up with digital trends. The Center will be involved in all stages of the digital transformation of a company, from digital gap analysis (diagnosis), to the development of a digital strategy and implementation of the strategy.

Our clients

Micro, small and medium-sized companies (MSMEs) in North Macedonia.



We provide a strategic approach in digitalization of Macedonian businesses and economy


We ensure that companies have access to certified consultants and implementing companies, thus guaranteeing quality and high competencies


Includes support in all stages of digital transformation: diagnosis and gap analysis, develop strategy, implementation and verification


Improvement of company readiness to join supply chains of multinationals (with Macedonia becoming more attractive for investors)

Our Aim

The aim is to help micro, small and medium-sized companies in Macedonia to digitize and transform digitally.

Given the current lack of an ecosystem for digital transformation of companies, the Center works in several segments of the market (eco-system) to be able to fulfill its aim, including:


Support international certification of management consultants for digital transformation


Provide expert analysis (due diligence) in the companies


Develop a strategy for the digital transformation of the company


Support implementation of the above mentioned strategy with vouchers (grants) with co-financing from the company


Monitor and report on the outcomes of the implementation


Establish a repository of providers of digitalization services and tools

Our Mission

  • Help companies to transform digitally and become the businesses of the future.
  • Support MSMEs to cope with the challenges posed by digital transformation and to become digital leaders in their industry.

We are hiring

Lead the digital revolution of North Macedonian companies. Executive Director opportunity at the first Digital Trasformation Center "GoDigital"

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